Whether you're already fully in the game or just picking up the paddle: In the pulsating table tennis scene of Munich, you can take off. In the Bavarian capital, you'll find not only action on the Munich table tennis tables, but also a professional and lively community. Get ready to rediscover the excitement of table tennis training in Munich – with Sportbench, you'll find your next match!

Table Tennis Club, Table Tennis Tables & Co: Here you can play table tennis in Munich

Munich offers numerous locations where you can perfect your smash: You'll find countless Munich table tennis tables in public places on streets, in parks and green spaces, where you can challenge friends and strangers to a match in a relaxed atmosphere – you can find an overview here.

In professional Munich table tennis clubs and halls, such as SC Au, TSV München-Ost, TTC 1992 München or ESV München-Ost, you can train and even participate in tournaments and championships. And don't forget the many schools and universities that often organize their own table tennis groups and events. Munich is definitely a paradise for table tennis enthusiasts!

Whether outdoors at the tables or indoors at the table tennis club in Munich: The virtual table tennis league from Sportbench accompanies you at every match. Simply enter your victory and climb the rankings – and you can also easily find a playing partner via the app. Grab your paddle and let's go!

Table Tennis Camps & Training in Munich

Munich is known for its excellent training programs and camps in the field of table tennis, suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Experienced coaches and professional facilities offer you the opportunity to take your game to the next level. In the camps, you can not only train intensively, but also meet new playing partners or even friends and share your enthusiasm for table tennis. There are also special programs for children and youth that shape the next generation of table tennis champions.

You can find more information at the Bavarian Table Tennis Association. So, pack your sports gear and get ready for an exciting table tennis experience in Munich! And maybe the next Munich table tennis camp will even use Sportbench...

Sportbench shakes up the table tennis scene in the state capital

Looking for table tennis playing partners in Munich East, West, City Center and more? We take your need seriously! That's why we created Sportbench: Your platform for a decentralized table tennis league in Munich. No licenses, no fees. Play when, where, with whom and as often as you want – all across Germany! How about a game of table tennis in Cologne because you're visiting friends and don't want to miss out on your hobby? Or table tennis in Frankfurt when you're on a business trip again?

The great thing about Sportbench is that you can easily find playing partners near you. Check out the local rankings, find players who match your level, and arrange a match.

Found a suitable playing partner? Then let's go: Scan each other's QR codes in the app to make the game official. Who won the victory? After the game, enter who won and watch as you move up or down the league...